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Maintain your forced air furnace

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Maintaining your furnace is crucial in optimizing system performance and efficiency. The efficiency of your furnace is greatly reduced when it is not maintained and kept clean of dust and dirt buildup. This buildup of debris can damage the electrical motors inside your furnace and corrode electrical connections, resulting in performance failure. 

It is recommended that you have your furnace maintained annually by an HVAC professional before the heating season begins.

On a furnace “clean and check” you can expect these tests to be performed and recorded by your HVAC professional:

  • Examine electrical connections and ensure proper voltages and amperages  throughout the system.
  • Examine and clean burner and pilot assembly & check iff they are  damaged or clogged with dirt particles.
  • Examine and clean drain.
  • Examine grills and registers for dirt and dust.
  • Examine furnace thermostat.
  • Examine furnace vent piping.
  • Examine furnace ignition system for proper ignition sequence.
  • Examine heat exchanger for rust or cracks.
  • Examine and clean blower if excessive dirt buildup is present.
  • Examine pilot thermocouple,  if present.
  • Measure for proper line gas pressure and manifold gas pressure.
  • Perform combustion analysis test and make proper adjustments, if necessary.

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