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Leave plumbing to the professionals & don't DIY

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Owning your home comes with a multitude of potential new responsibilities. Although many tasks can  be accomplished by the average layman, it might be best to leave plumbing to the professionals and don't DIY.

Plumbing professionals are required to be certified through specialized training and on the job experience.  A plumbing apprenticeship alone requires:

  • 5 year training program

  • 8,000 hours on-the-job training

  • 500 hours paid related instruction

  • 260 hours of unpaid related instruction

  • Apprentice must complete Red Cross First Aid, CPR, and OSHA Safety Training Courses during his/her first year

  • First Aid/ CPR Course Certification must be kept current throughout the duration of the apprenticeship

  • Apprentice must in his/her final year complete the Transition-To-Trainer Course

Some plumbing issues might seem easy and appear to be a perfect DIY project, but many have hidden consequences.  Your home's plumbing system requires a delicate balance. The slightest change or incorrect fix can spell disaster.

Low water pressure, clogged drains and broken toilets are just some of the common potential plumbing problems that require a professional plumber. An incorrectly fitted pipe could lead to flooding and large repair bills. Low water pressure could mean a fractured pipe (something a professional should deal with.) A poorly replaced toilet could lead to leaking and future floor or wall damage.

Reaching out to a professional plumber at the first stages of a potential problem is also key. Catching issues early can help avoid future, more-costly repairs.

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